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“She Glows”

“She Glows”

In efforts to find ways to enhance the benefits of moss I always try and create booster profiles with a purpose.


The goal is to help...not take away from your goal.


"She Glows” is a concoction made with papaya. Papaya contains high levels of antioxidants, which supports by helping to reduce heart disease and supports weight loss. Antioxidant prevent oxidation of cholesterol, which decreases blockage that may cause heart disease. Papaya is a powerhouse and a great source for fiber which supports digestive movement and true to the synergy of seamoss . Detox! It also has high levels of papain, which helps in healing stomach linings and ulcers by lowering the acid levels. Major support to inflammation in your liver. By inhibiting the over production of cytokines in a high fat environment. Papaya is known to make you glow.


“She glows” is definitely seasonal, so get it while you can.

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